Style Design Milk filling aluminum foil sealing machine
XGF-A Series 4 in 1 set of machine is mainly used in the beverage hot filling process. The machine combines washing, filling , sealing and Capping with complete automatic, suitable for filling water, pure water. With temperature controller, it can also used in hot filling for juice, tea and milk beverage. It is used for all kinds of bottles. The filling process adopts hot filling technology with water supplying system under constant pressure, which makes filling process faster and more stable. The sealing part used aluminum foil sealing system, it is mainly includes the sealing aluminum circle and sealing copper pieces, a bottle opener and the CAM lifting mechanism and so on, this seal sealed by electric heating Compared with other equipment of the same kind, this machine with a better quality and thus enjoys a high ratio of function against price. The hot filling type machine works with balanced tank and vacuum system.

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